Welcome to KANANI Ethic Investment

"To help our Client to build wealth with financial discipline."

KANANI Ethic Investment started by Mr.Karim M Kanani in the year 1987 is one stop shop for all your investment needs. Having experience of more than 25 years, Mr.Karim M Kanani through KANANI Ethic Investment will cater all your financial services needs like Insurance services, IPO/NFO, Fix Deposits, Post Office Investment Schemes, Bonds properties etc. Registered with the regulatory bodies like AMFI, IRDA and SEBI we provide ethical and quality services to our customers. We treat customers as our family and help them in generating good returns from their investment. To improve our services to serve better Mr.Alpesh Kanani has done BBA and MBA. He is also CHARTERED FINANCIAL GOAL PLANNER from AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT INDIA. He has passed lots of certification course to reach at six sigma quality. Our belief Trust, Ethic and Integrity can't be 99%. It must be 100%. We always respect privacy so we keep our client data safe and confidential. Our firm KANANI Ethic Investment is registered with SEBI, AMFI, IRDA. This differs from the relationship you have with a brokerage advisor, an insurance company, investment portal, banker or a mutual fund agent. Your best interests drive everything we do. Securing your future is a long-term project, so it is crucial to work with a financial professional who works exclusively for your benefit & is monitored by stringent regulation. Together, we can build a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Why Us?

▪ We are accountable to our clients – we say what we do and do what we say.
▪ We built our firm on integrity and trust because doing what is right for you is better for our practice in the long run.
▪ We are SEBI, AMFI,IRDA Registered Investment Advisor & CFP Professional with a fiduciary duty to your interests.
▪ We help you reach your goals with tailored solutions that meet your needs.
▪ We do today what everyone else will be doing tomorrow.